These are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Aurora’s Favorite Toys

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Aurora's favorite toys (8 year old girl)

This week we are featuring the favorite toys of our only daughter, so get ready for some girly-girl toys! Although Aurora is willing to play with the boys, she still enjoys having her own special girl things from time to time.

1) Disney Princess Dolls and Barbies– This is a very recent addition to Aurora’s toys. She loves playing with my old childhood Barbies at Grandma and Grandpa’s house! I like the Snow White doll because I don’t have to worry about hair tangles:)

2) American Girl dolls– Aurora’s recent unit study on Caroline (review coming on Friday!) has sparked a huge interest in the American girls! I never really appreciated all of the history that can be learned through these books, and thankfully our library has a lot of them. I was so fortunate to find Marie-Grace with an extra outfit for $50!!! I hope she is happy with just one, but I fear that will not be the case.

3) Stickers and Coloring Books– Aurora has always loved coloring, and when you add stickers to it, how could it not make it great?! She can color for hours and loves anything that has to do with art!

4) Baby Dolls– Even though she is almost 8 (in just a few days!), Aurora still loves to play with baby dolls. And sometimes she can sweet-talk her brothers into playing with her! I am pretty sure she pretends she has a baby sister:)

5) Playmobils– Even though this was already on another list, I had to add it here for Aurora. She loves to set up and play with the Playmobils. The family camper below is one of her favorites! While the younger kids just play with the people and bigger accessories, she will take the time to get out and organize the small pieces.6) Cranium Whoonu– We found this game at a garage sale, thankfully. It must not be made anymore because the price on Amazon is outrageous! So if you can find it used I would highly recommend it. It is a game all about trying to be the best at guessing the favorite things of the other person. It is a great family game!

7) Game of Life– This was always my favorite game growing up, and now it is Aurora’s! She loves to fill her car with as many kids as she can. I have the feeling she may have a big family when she grows up!

8) Children’s Baking Set– Aurora is always willing to help me in the kitchen, and she is a great helper! She got this little set last year and it was just perfect for her. In fact, she sometimes catches me using some of her kitchen tools!

9) Jewelry Design– Aurora loves her jewelry, especially when she can create her own. She has a great imagination when it comes to jewelry-making! If she had her way she would have jewelry to match each one of her outfits!

10) Girls Bike – Aurora loves to ride her bike up and down the street almost every day. She will even bundle up when it is chilly just for a chance to go for a quick bike ride. Thankfully we live on a dead end street where there are not many cars!

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite toys for an 8 year-old girl?


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    • Thanks! I am glad you are enjoying the series! Playmobils get so much use in our home…it is hard to imagine a child not liking them. The kids have them all out this morning:)

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