These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Caspian’s Favorite Toys

Caspian's favorite things

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Now it is Caspian’s turn! He just turned 10 in September and it has been interesting to see how much his taste in toys has changed recently…he is really growing up! Here are some of his favorite toys.

1) 10 Days In Europe Game– This game has become a favorite it our family and we will continue to collect others in the series. They are wonderful for learning geography. Caspian always picks this game first when it is his turn to pick a game.
2) Jenga – I am sure many of you enjoyed this game growing up, and so did I! I love that Caspian can play this game with his younger siblings that can’t read since no reading is required. I usually help with the set-up but then they can play it all on their own.
3) Angry Birds Plush Toys– As much as I don’t enjoy Angry Birds, Caspian enjoys them very much! The kids have a nice collection of these plush toys that they use to play various games like Angry Birds tag and Angry Birds dodge ball. I guess at least it is better than playing the electronic version!
4) Nerf Gun– Since Caspian is nowhere near ready for a real gun, these Nerf guns work well for target practice. We have had to make some rules of where exactly target practice can and cannot occur, but he does have fun using this!

5) K’NEX – We have built some really cool creations with these K’NEX. Now I love that Caspian is old enough to create things on his own! We need to get some more of these so we can build even bigger things!
6) LEGO Star Wars– What boys doesn’t love LEGOS? And what boy doesn’t love Star Wars? So putting the two together is just too perfect! We still haven’t figured out a great way to organize LEGOS, but Caspian still loves to play with them (and the little boys love to join in when he has them out).
7) Boys Bike– Oh does Caspian love his bike! That seems to be his favorite way to escape from the chaos that can happen in our home with 3 other children. He will go for multiple bike rides a day when the weather is nice (and even sometimes when it isn’t nice!).
8) Spirograph Deluxe Design Set– Spirograph is another toy that we enjoyed growing up. Caspian loves that he can make so many different designs with this and he doesn’t have to be a strong artist to do it.
9) Playmobil toys– Yes, we have another Playmobil lover! They really are a lot of fun for kids of all ages (and even their parents!). Caspian has been talking lately about wanting to become a vet so the animals in the Playmobil sets are great for him.
10) Cars 2 Operation– There are few games better for fine motor skills than Operation. Caspian received this game for his birthday last year and has continued to play with it all year.

That wraps up our series on our favorite toys. Next week I will share some of our favorite Thanksgiving books. So what are some of your favorite toys for a 10-year-old boy?