Peace on Earth, A Christmas Collection {a Booksneeze review}

There is no denying it…I LOVE CHRISTMAS! One thing I love most about Christmas is sharing traditions with my family. Every year we read many, many Christmas books. We have some old favorite, but I also enjoy adding some new ones in each year. This year Peace on Earth, A Christmas Collection is a new one we are really enjoying!

This book is a great collection of  Christmas poems, Christmas hymns, and the story of Jesus’ birth. All of these pieces are matched with beautiful artwork to make it an unforgettable collection. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this book. And we are finding so many ways to use it, both in schooling and just for fun.

My kids are always impressed when I know the words to all of the Christmas songs, but this year they are learning some of the Christmas songs in this book. We already know the tunes, but having to words to follow along is so much fun for them! We are also using the poems and stories for our holiday version of read-aloud practice. If you have poetry time in your schooling (or if you just like to read it) this book would be great for that too!

I have plan for the kids to pick their favorite selection from this book and use it as copywork for Christmas presents too. This will be a great gift for grandparents and other extended family members!

Even though it is only the beginning of November, now is the time to start collecting new books for your Christmas collection! I would love to hear some of your favorite Christmas books!

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