My Christmas Wish: a Devotional Prayer Journal for Kids {a review}

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Let me tell you…I have some wonderfully creative blogging friends! Heather from Upside Down Homeschooling has created something so wonderful for your children. She put together a great package to use with our children to help them discover the true meaning of Christmas: My Christmas Wish! Instead of spending time focusing on wish lists of all they want for Christmas, they can spend time drawing closer to their Savior!

This 15-day journal is divided into 5 sections to cover several different “fruits” that would be beneficial in our children’s lives. There is a little activity to do each day, a prayer prompt with a scripture verse, and the kids complete their W.I.S.H. (write, investigate, share, hear) on the journal page. This journal works for children ages 4-12, but could really be adapted for any age.

We just love Heather’s Book of Thanks, and I can’t wait for the kids to get started on their Christmas Wish journal! There is also a bonus of 2 Holiday Webinars you will receive with the purchase of the journal! This week only, Heather has generously offered a discount to make this book only $1.99…just use the code launchteam119. I know you will just love this journal as much as I do!

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