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The one thing I love almost as much as reading Christmas books is watching Christmas movies! There is just nothing like everyone cuddling up on a chilly evening, snacking on popcorn, drinking hot cocoa, and watching a good movie.

This new movie, Norman Rockwell’s Coming Home For Christmas, is such a wonderful and family friendly movie! The whole movie revolves around remembering what is truly important about Christmas. It is not a Christmas movie about Santa Clause or reindeer, just a family working out their differences to be together at Christmas.

Two sisters, Kate and Melanie, have grown apart because of one incident that changed the relationships not only between the two of them, but also between their parents. The news that their parents are going to separate after 27 years brings the two sisters back together to work on getting the whole family reunited.

The central message in this movie is all about family. In the end, family is truly one of the most important things, and nothing can replace those relationships. The girls have to move beyond their differences to help their parents. How many times have we let one incident change the course of our relationship with someone? This movie provides a great lesson in exactly how one situation can snowball into a big problem when we don’t forgive each other. But it is also a lesson in how this forgiveness, even if it comes years later, can have profound effects.

Here is a trailer of the movie for you to watch.

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