The God Puzzle {a Litfuse review}

God Puzzle

My kids always have a lot of questions. I love it when I have the answers for them, but sometimes it takes an explanation from someone other than me to help them understand what they are asking about. As my older two children continue to grow, they have many questions about their faith. They are all great questions but it would be wonderful to have a fun resource to walk us through their questions together.

That is exactly what The God Puzzle is intended to do. It is a workbook to use with your 7-12 year old children and reveals how the Bible fits together…just like a puzzle! Through this workbook your kids will start to see the Bible as one complete story, not just a bunch of short stories put together.

The workbook contains 36 lessons, and each lesson took about a week for us. We broke the work down into chunks that we could complete a little of each day. There is such a wide scope in the lessons. They take you from explaining who exactly God is, to what the Trinity is, to how to study the Bible. There is so much for kids to learn through this workbook, and so many of their questions will get the answers they need.

Each lesson is full of fun activities, meaningful scripture readings, great discussion questions, and chances to lead your children in prayer about what they have just learned. The activities are different for each week, so there is nothing boring or redundant about this workbook. There are a few great resources at the end of this book too, including the books and divisions of the Bible, the names of God, and a very special page to lead the kids to appropriate scriptures to read when they are feeling a certain way (like angry, worries, sad, etc.).

Although you could combine your older children and use it together, I have found it to be such a blessing to do this with them individually. Right now Caspian and I are going through this and as crazy as it sounds, I am learning so much about him and his faith. I am learning what he fears, what he understands, and what he struggles with. I will go through this with Aurora after we finish, but it has been so good to have some wonderful one-on-one discussions that wouldn’t happen if they were doing this together.

Even if you aren’t a homeschooler, I would recommend this book to everyone who has children between the ages of 7 and 12. I can’t get over what a great resource this is! It can be tricky to find great books to help kids better understand their relationship with God. But finding one that is also fun is really hard! Don’t rely on your church to teach your children all about God. Going through this workbook with your child will be an unbelievable blessing for both of you! We are so blessed to have been asked to review this book…it is something I will use with all of my children!

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  1. We aren’t huge work-book folks, but I have to admit that it would be nice to have a resource that covers all of the bases efficiently. Thanks for the recommendation!

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