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What is one of your biggest worries as a parent when it comes to your child’s education? My biggest worry is that there will be gaps in our homeschool education. As much as I try to fit everything in, it just can’t happen. There literally is not enough time in the day for me to do it all! I need a source to help me fill in those gaps. If you feel the same way, the Yearly Member Option at (a website created by The Old Schoolhouse) may just be the answer for you!

The abundance of resources on is unbelievable! I had never really taken the time to look through it all, but this website is becoming a big part of our homeschooling. When you become a member of this site, not only do the current lessons become immediately available to you, there is also access to all of the archived lessons. So you can choose to either jump right in on a class, go back and start from the beginning, or search for a topic that either interests you or maybe that has to do with what you are currently studying.

There are a few options available to buy an affordable membership to You can give it a try for $3 for the first month. After that the monthly fee will be $12.95. Or you can take advantage of the Yearly Membership Option for only $139. A bonus option is to pay $175 and also get access to the sister site of There is a special going on right now, through the end of December 2013, for you to buy a membership and get one free. So you can get access to all of the materials on AND give a membership to a friend! Your entire family will gain access to this website with your membership purchase: one family, one fee! photo schoolhousedailies_zps9ba017fe.jpg

So what are some of the materials you can get with a membership to For the younger children, there are several preschool and early learning programs to choose from. As your children get a little bit older, they can find classes for foreign languages, art, music, nature studies, literature, math, history, home economics, science, and so much more. For the middle/high school age students there are also fun classes in things like mock trial, career exploration, photography, film making, play production,…the list goes on!

These classes are taught by some of the most qualified teachers you could ever ask for. Many names you made have heard of before. Your children will be taught by expert teachers like Brenda Ellis (Artistic Pursuits), Tyler and Maggie Hogan (Bright Ideas Press), Adam Andrews (Center for Literacy Education and author of Teaching the Classics), and so many more. Wouldn’t it be nice to hand over some teaching responsibilities to the best of the best? We have not come across any material on this website yet that we were not only completely satisfied with, but very impressed with! The teachers obviously put in a lot of hard work to help teach our children about subjects that are near and dear to them!

An entire section of the website is devoted to daily lessons in subjects like spelling, grammar, math, writing, astronomy, history, copywork, and several others. These lessons are meant to be quick and easy. One of my favorites parts in this section is the Everyday Epistles. You and your students are taken through the book of Philippians using the “Philippians in 28 Weeks” curriculum. Not only is this a great reading and comprehension program to really understand the book of Philippians, you also work to memorize and recite one of the most influential books in the Bible. We are going to start this in January and see how far we can get by the end of the school year…I know it will be great!

Not only are there materials available for children from toddler age up through high school, but there are also plenty of resources for parents. I am currently reading through the Charlotte Mason Homeschooling series, which is a teaching philosophy I am loving more every day. There are also things like monthly library reading lists (so you don’t have to spend hours putting your own together), access to current and past issues of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and you can also listen to the inspiring speakers that are a part of each year’s Schoolhouse Expo. photo schoolhouseextras_zps3a20c85f.jpg

We have also been using the Schoolhouse Planners. I love knowing exactly what we need to do each day. I am a “check the box” kind of girl:) The Planner can either be edited on the computer (just in case you worry about your writing being too big for the box), or you can print it off and fill it in yourself. I usually type of 2 weeks worth of schoolwork at a time, just in case we get behind or ahead in certain subjects. That way I don’t have to go back and change everything. But the planner is not just schedules. It includes checklists, chorelists, Bible readings, recipe cards, and so much more!

Want to see a little bit of what we discovered while using We have had a lot of fun with so many different things!

The kids are anxiously waiting for this sandwich bag to explode in the bathtub. We had to do this experiment a few times because they thought the big explosion was the coolest thing ever! We have a house full of science-loving kids!

102_1799 102_1800

The great thing about the science experiments on is that they come with videos. These videos show you exactly how to conduct the experiment and explain what is being learned. Caspian is learning about pressure as he tries to drink from a straw that is sealed around the bottle. I love his face!

102_1801 I was so excited to try one of the literature studies from Adam Andrews. We chose the study of the Velveteen Rabbit. The kids did really well with it and I was impressed with how they now understand the book on a deeper level.

102_1802 One of the lessons in the “M is for Music” week in the toddler curriculum included making a homemade instrument. Moose chose to make this harmonica. Everyone had a lot of fun with these once they figured out how to use them. This was one activity all of the kids joined in…nothing better than family learning!


I’ll be honest with you. I have been fighting some sort of a virus for going on 2 weeks now. So the timing of this review has been perfect. Just when I needed a bit of a break from teaching, was there to take over! I have declared the rest of December to be month. The kids are very excited to have a chance to explore their own interests.

Caspian really wants to learn about chemistry, geology, and French. Aurora is planning on trying out some more science, sewing, French, and maybe even some guitar! The younger boys are going to continue the Toddlers Letter of the Week curriculum. They had a lot of fun learning about music and are anxious to see what the next letters of the alphabet bring. We may even do some nature studies if the weather gets above 10 degrees!

Final Thoughts

We have really enjoyed exploring the website. There is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to finding specific things you are looking for, but once you get past that it becomes much easier to navigate. There really is something for everyone on this site and there are so many ways to use the materials. As a busy homeschooling mom I truly appreciate all of the hard work that goes into providing such a fantastic online learning resource. We love it!

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