Shh…Don’t Tell! This is What Will Be Under Our Christmas Tree!

Shh...Don't Tell!

I have a feeling there may be some last-minute shoppers out there. I thought I might help you out a bit and spill the beans on what we are giving our children for Christmas. Just so you know, here are everyone’s ages: Caspian-10, Aurora-8, Moose-5, and Little Bear-3. Ready to see what they are getting?

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For this Christmas we decided to go with a mostly science/discover type of theme. On Black Friday I found a great deal on a beginner’s microscope for the kids, so this present will be for all of them. I know it may not be the best, but this will be a great way to peak their interest without spending a ton of money.

Little Bear and Aurora are currently sharing a bedroom. When we moved into our home a few years ago, the previous owners had left a couple of those glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling. Little Bear thinks they are the coolest things ever, so this present will be for their room. I know Aurora will have a great time arranging them in just the right way!

Moose and Caspian also share a bedroom. Moose loves to point out the moon whenever he sees it…he is fascinated! Caspian worked on memorizing the phases of the moon this past year and this present will be great to help him remember them.

Now for their big gifts. Caspian has been talking about wanting a telescope for a long time. But, as I was reading up on them, I found that for starting out, high-powered binoculars would probably work better. They are supposed to be easy to focus and easier to see things since you will be looking with both eyes and not just one. These binoculars are pretty heavy so we purchased a tripod to mount them on.

Aurora is very much in love with American girl dolls right now. If she had her way we would get them all for her…especially the ones that are retiring this year. But we compromised by getting her a few of the mini dolls. I know they aren’t quite the same, but she loves dolls of any size. She is also getting a dog to go with her Marie-Grace doll.

The two younger boys, Moose and Little Bear, will both be getting some Magformers. I have heard such great things about these and I am pretty sure they will love them. I figured if we got a set for each of them they would have more to use together and be able to make bigger creations.

The younger boys are also getting more of their favorite puzzles from Melissa and Doug. These are really great and sturdy puzzles.

Caspian is getting another game from his favorite series “10 Days in …”. He loves these games!

To go along with the science theme, we are getting some regular binoculars for the kids that we can hopefully use on some nature walks.

Their stocking will be filled with some delicious treats from our favorite food co-op Azure Standard. I purchased some snacks that I don’t normally buy for them, but are still considered mostly healthy, so they should be happy with them. And I won’t have to deal with the backlash that sugary junk leaves me for the day:)

If you are having a year where money is an issue, we have been there. Here is a post that features all of the homemade gifts we gave the kids last year.

There you have it! Just don’t tell the kids:) May you all have a merry and blessed Christmas!


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  1. My girls actually enjoy playing with the miniature dolls better a lot of times. They fit in the dollhouse easier, and are more like barbies (only a LOT better quality).

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