Improving Life Skills, One Week at a Time (with a FREE printable)

Improving Life Skills, One Week at a Time

I have developed some bad habits lately. With all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays I have really let the kids slack off when it comes to doing chores and working on life skills. I made the mistake of doing things myself for the sake of saving time, and then complained that I have to do everything around here. Or, I expect the kids to do chores properly without teaching them how to do them correctly.

My solution was to develop a plan for the New Year. Every week or so we will work on an item from our list. I created a chart of 40 skills that need improvement in our home. We will check one off each week or so as it is learned. But why only 40 and not 52? I have to be realistic and remember that there will be weeks that may be too busy to work on a new skill. Or maybe a week where we are all sick. Or maybe we haven’t quite completed a skill and need to work on it another week.

I am happy to share my list of 40 habits/skills with you, but I encourage you to evaluate those skills that need development in your own home. They may be very different from what we have. I am sure as my kids grow up our list may begin to look a little different, just as it did when they were all a few years younger. But for us, this list is a good place to start. And if it works for you, feel free to print it off and use it!

Improving Life Skills

I would love to hear what life skills you will be working on in the New Year. What will your system for improving those skills look like? Best wishes on a productive year of teaching our children the skills they need to develop into productive and independent young people!


4 thoughts on “Improving Life Skills, One Week at a Time (with a FREE printable)

  1. Love this–I felt like I was slacking in this area but haven’t felt direction. Printing your list and making my own will really help me out. I plan on following your blog!!

    • I am so glad this looks like it will help you! I see any progress as good and I think working on one task a week is completely do-able. Best wishes on a productive New Year!:-)

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