Prayer Before Everything

Prayer Before Everything

Finding one word that would sum up my focus for the upcoming year was not easy. Now, ten words would have been much easier. But just one was going to take some thought. As I thought about all of the changes I would like to make, all of the plans I had, and all of my goals, it became obvious what should be the center of them all…PRAYER. If prayer can become my central focus, then all of the other details will fall beautifully into place.

How many times am I guilty of praying when I need something, and sending up a prayer of thanksgiving before meals? But starting everything with prayer is not happening. My to-do lists are too long to have time for that. But what if my to-do lists are full of things I am not meant to be doing? After all, if I don’t have enough time for prayer, then I am obviously doing more than God ever intended me to do.

One of the words I was going to choose for my word of the year was completion. I feel as if I have real trouble completing things. I give up on them to easily, or I get distracted by other things. But what if I really took time to pray before each decision I made? Maybe the reason I don’t complete certain things is because they were never meant for me to start. Certainly spending time in prayer before jumping into something would give me the clear answer of where the Lord is leading me…not where I want to go.

As I see all that is going on in the world, it troubles me as to how I am going to prepare my children to go out into it. But, instead of spending time worrying about that I should be spending time in prayer. I need to pray both with and for my children. After all, there is nothing I can do in my own power to ensure their faith stays strong when they are confronted with the world. But I can lift them up in prayer…every day.

How am I going to make these changes? Decision by decision, thought by thought, word by word, I will make every effort to pray before everything. Eventually it will be so natural that I won’t have to work so hard at it. There is nothing more important for me to teach my children than them knowing they can take anything to the Lord in prayer. We are all going to be starting prayer journals to remind us of those things we may otherwise forget to pray for. We will make sure we consider each decision we make prayerfully.

What are your goals for the upcoming year? Do you have one word that could sum up your goals? I would love for you to share! May you all be blessed abundantly in the upcoming year!


3 thoughts on “Prayer Before Everything

  1. I can completely relate to the “completion” issue! I also want to be much more prayerful about each thing. We can get so distracted by the to-dos and not bring them to God first. He always redeems the time when we make Him our priority! It’s easier said than done, I’m afraid. At least for me. This is a worthy Word and I pray you’ll be blessed in what God has for you this year as you pursue it!

    • Thanks so much, Tauna! I know it will be a challenge, but I need to stop with my excuses and just do it!:-) Blessings to you and your family on a wonderful new year!

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