FREE Printable Prayer Journal for Moms


FREE Printable Prayer Journal for Moms
Have any of you had a chance to use the Prayer Journal for Kids I shared last week? I am so excited to see the changes taking place in our home, all because we are adding in a lot more prayer.

Just this week I was looking for some small paint brushes that I had “put away”. Aurora says to me, “Mom, did you pray that you would find them?” I answered that yes I had prayed for help to find them. She said “then you will find them!” Sure enough, a few minutes later I found them. We both immediately said “Thank you, Lord!”. So we are seeing the Lord work in our lives in even the small.

We are also seeing His hand in the big things. Right now we are trying to make decisions as far as where we are going to live long-term, whether that means staying put in our current home, or moving out to the country (which just happens to be very close to grandparents!). I know the answer to our prayers of clarity in where our home should be will come. So much pressure is off of me now that I am daily reminding myself that these are not my decisions to make. It is so freeing to walk in God’s path instead of paving my own.

Our prayer journals are proving to be great reminders of the big and small things we need to pray for. I put one together for moms, with a few more pages than the journal for the kids. Just click on the link below to download your free printable prayer journal.

My Prayer Journal for Moms

How has prayer worked powerfully in your life lately?


4 thoughts on “FREE Printable Prayer Journal for Moms

  1. The more we pray and abide in God’s presence, the more we rest and trust in Him. I have seen His hand just this week as a lot of details are falling into place for an event I’m in charge of. God has granted favor on every side!

    • That is great, Susan! It is really amazing how freeing it can be to place our needs/concerns/wants into the hands of a loving Father and watch the wonderful things He can do!

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