Genealogy Revelations {a review and GIVEAWAY!}

Genealogy Revelations {a review}

There is something so fascinating to me about the past. It tells us so much about where we came from, which usually explains how we reached the point where we are now.  Do you know much about your ancestors? I knew a little bit, but not much. That all changed thanks to Genealogy Revelations.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to review the General Research Package from Anna Rae at Genealogy Revelations. I can’t say enough good things about Anna Rae…she is so easy to work with and you can tell she has a passion for genealogy. She does everything she can to find the information you are looking for.

When my genealogy report came in the mail, it was like a Christmas present to me and my whole family! We had a lot of fun looking through the binder, laughing at some really interesting names, and finally knowing for sure what countries our families originated. It turns out most of my ancestors lived in Germany at one point, and a few of them were even from Ireland and Canada. So I guess Erin is a fitting name for me after all!

The whole process of getting this report from Genealogy Revelations was quite simple. I filled out a form with our basic family information and any other information on ancestors that I knew. Anna Rae took it from there! A few weeks later I received my completed binder full of information about my ancestors.

This binder included several different areas of information. These include the Pedigree Chart, the Ahnentafel Report, the Outline Descendent Report, and the Family Group Sheet. Each of these parts explore your ancestry in a different way.

The Pedigree Chart is what I think of when I picture a family tree. This tree starts with me and branches out to my parents, then my grandparents, and so on. It is very neatly organized and easy to follow.102_1827

The Ahnentafel Report goes into more of a description of each person. It includes birthdays, marriage dates, death dates, and locations of all of the events. The ancestors are listed by generations. Anna Rae was able to go back 7 generations from my birth…there is so much great information in here!102_1828

The Outline Descendent Report starts with the oldest known generation and works its way to the present. Think of it as a family tree but in reverse. There is one of these for each side of my family; one for my dad’s side and one for my mom’s side.102_1830

The last part of the report is the Family Group Sheet. This section has one page for each family grouping. There is one for me, one for my mom, one for my dad, one for each grandparent, and so on. Each page lists spouses and children, along with any known birth, death, and marriage dates. These pages are a great way to make connects between the generations.102_1832

How do you get one of these packages done for your family? Just go to the Genealogy Revelations website and choose the package that would best fit your needs. There are several to choose from. Then just enter the information you know and let Anna Rae take care of the rest! This was such a wonderful experience and I am so glad to have this genealogy report to share with my family!

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3 thoughts on “Genealogy Revelations {a review and GIVEAWAY!}

  1. This was a fascinating website! So interesting. I love family history and it’s fun to discover the famous people in our lineage. The only reservation I have is that in this day and age, having someone I don’t know, know your mother’s maiden name or some other confidence is a trust issue. Any concerns with that?

    • I have worked with the daughter on Anna Rae on several reviews so I really didn’t have any concerns with trusting her. Genealogy is something she is passionate about and she just loves to help others find out about their past:-) I think your concern is very valid but with this review I was never concerned about it.

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