Monthly Spiritual Growth Goals (FREE Printable)

Monthly spiritual growth goals printable

Do you set spiritual goals for yourself? I’ll admit, setting spiritual goals has never been something I have put much thought into. I have my prayer time, I do my Bible reading, and just assume I am growing. But maybe I should have some goals. If we make goals for things like weight loss and healthy eating, why not set some spiritual goals?

This past weekend at church our pastor gave an excellent sermon on spiritual growth. Just as we can measure physical growth, we can also measure spiritual growth. Our goal each year should be to grow closer to the Lord and to be more like Jesus. Our growth can be measured in our thoughts and actions. Yes, we will slip up from time to time, but we need to be headed in the right direction.

I thought of 6 areas in my life where I could set some goals for growth. I have always been the type of girl who needs to write things down so I created a chart to fill in each month. Why monthly and not yearly?

I know that things change from time to time. Our prayer time may not be working anymore, or we may need to make more time for it. We may find a sinful habit creeping in that needs special attention. There may be specific Scriptures that are helpful to memorize to encourage us in our current situations. We may find that we need to work on a different fruit of the Spirit. Because of these reasons, monthly seemed like a good time frame for me to set these goals.

Have you ever set spiritual goals before? What method did you use? I would love to hear what works for you!

If you would like to try the chart I created for setting my spiritual goals just click on the link below…

Monthly Spiritual Growth Goals

*This post marks my 200th post on this blog!!! Thank you all for joining me on this journey! I hope you are all encouraged by it as much as I am encouraged and inspired by you!*
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  1. Hi. I found this post via Pinterest! Seems the Lord has us on the same track with setting spiritual goals. I love your blog by the way. I have just started one myself and I am enjoying it though I realize I have much to learn! Stop by if you get a free minute. I will be adding yours to my blogroll!

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