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Do you know God by name? I have often marveled at all of the names given for God in the Bible. It is obvious that the people in the Bible knew God very intimately. He was close enough to call Him “Abba”, Father and strong enough to call Him “Yahweh Tsuri”, the Lord my Rock. Knowing God by Name: A Girlfriends in God Faith Adventure is a devotional to lead you into a deeper understanding of 40 of the names of God.

There are 8 weeks worth of name studies in this book. Each week introduces you to 5 different names of God. Then on the 6th day, there are a few pages of reflecting on what you have learned. Some of the activities included are scripture readings, questions, journaling, and suggestions of how to deepen your understanding of each name.

Each name for God is introduced with a scripture and ends with a prayer. There is also a wonderful section called “friend to friend”. This is where one of the three authors (Sharon Jaynes, Gwen Smith, and Mary Southerland) tell a personal story of how they experienced God in their lives. There are some very touching stories.

One of my favorites was a story about God being “All Present”. Gwen tells of a time when she was away from her son and he was injured at a camp. As a mother who was used to comforting her son, she was very uneasy about not being with him. His injury turned out to be more serious than anticipated and she traveled to be with him. Even though he was not quite conscious while coming out of surgery she reassured her son that she was with him. At that moment, she prayed and felt the Lord’s reassurance that He was with her too…ALWAYS!

The biggest lesson I took from reading this book is a big one. God is all we ever need. He can be anything and everything for us! Our loving Father can also heal, comfort, give us hope, be our stronghold, be our shepherd, and so much more! Every time we discover another characteristic of God, we become closer to Him. If you have ever wanted to look deeper into the names of God, I would highly recommend you check out this book!

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  1. What exciting changes!! Are you use the Attentiveness unit in the big volume or the Konos in a box volume?

    • We are using the big volume 1 book of KONOS. I actually purchased volume 2 and we will add some of those units in here and there. We are pretty excited about the changes too! 🙂

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