New Year, New Curriculum {5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials}

New Year, New Curriculum

Do you do a re-evaluation of your curriculum mid year? Every fall we start our curriculum with anticipation and excitement. But usually by Christmas the love fades on some things. It becomes painfully obvious what is working and what is not. Some old favorites remain favorites, but some other things need to go.

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The start of the New Year marked the start of some new curriculum choices for us. The biggest change for us involves starting KONOS! No other curriculum has captured my children’s interest for science, history, and Bible as much as KONOS has. KONOS has become their “reward” after they finish their math and language arts. Even the little boys can get involved! Right now we are working or way through Attentiveness and having a great time! My plan is to start doing more “week in review” posts about KONOS since it was really hard for me to find information on other homeschoolers using it. So stay tuned!

For every other subject I have separated the children and they now do their own individual work. There was too much of a competition going on between them and it just works out better to have them do their own thing.

Here is what Caspian, my 10 year old son in 4th grade, is using:

Bible: Caspian and I are going through The God Puzzle. It has been great to have some one-on-one Bible study time with him!

Math: We are still using our favorite, Math Mammoth!

Latin: Again, an old favorite, Getting Started with Latin.

Language Arts: We have some new things mixed with some things we have used before.

-Grammar: Language Lessons Through Literature (3 days per week), Fix it! (4 days per week), and Killgallon (1 day per week).

-Writing: All Things Fun and Fascinating

-Spelling: Dictation Day by Day

Aurora, my 8 year old daughter in 2nd grade, is currently using:

Bible: Aurora has started using the ABCs for Godly Girls (and we love it!)

Math: She is still using Math Mammoth.

Latin: Once a week we are using Song School Latin.

Language Arts: We have a nice combination of resources we use to teach this.

-Grammar: Language Lessons Through Literature (I really wish I had discovered this program years ago! It is so wonderful…gentle, yet thorough! Definitely a Charlotte Mason approach to language, and we love it!)

-Writing:Primary Language Lessons

-Spelling: The Modern Speller

And then there is Moose, my 5 year old son who is doing mostly Kindergarten work. The boy loves his school work! I hope that never changes!

Bible: He is using the ABCs for Godly Boys, which is just perfect for him. He is learning so much!

Math: His primary math is Miquon, although occasionally he uses Math Mammoth.

Reading: He is still plugging away with Alpha-Phonics!

Speech: I am so proud of this little boy and the improvements he is making in his speech! He is doing much better with his “l”s but still needs some work with “r” and “th”. For this we are using Super Star Speech.

As much as Little Bear begs for school work, I haven’t gotten that far yet:-)

I am praying these changes will last for a while and I will be done curriculum hunting…at least for a few months! We are reviewing some great materials through the Schoolhouse Review Crew too. Some of our new favorites are going to be featured in upcoming posts.

Have you made any changes in curriculum this year?

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