Come See What is in our January Azure Standard Order

January Azure Standard orderReady to see our latest order from Azure Standard? I really don’t know what we would do without this co-op. I have come to depend on them for affordable and healthy food that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to purchase. I thought I was going to go crazy when we had to go 5 weeks instead of 4 between orders. Thankfully that was only because of the holidays and we are back to 4 weeks now.

Due to the extremely cold temperatures on the day of our drop (which must have temporarily frozen my brain!) I forgot to take a picture of our order. 😦 Hopefully I will remember next time. But until then, here is what we received.

Organic Gala Apples– I love having access to delicious organic apples at a reasonable price. These are some really good apples!

Organic Yellow Onions– After purchasing and subsequently throwing away too many onions from the store, I starting buying them from Azure. They are fresh and taste great.

Organic Carrots– I don’t know about you but I can tell the difference in organic carrots vs. non-organic just by the taste. These carrots are the cheapest organic carrots I have found and they last for a long time.

Basmati Brown Rice– Basmati is my favorite type of brown rice. It has great flavor and texture. All of my family enjoys it too.

Dill Weed– Azure always has great prices on high quality spices. We love to use dill when making dips or cooking salmon.

Biokleen Powder Dish Soap– Since I haven’t found a homemade dishwasher detergent that works well, this makes a great alternative. One container lasts me several months.

Food for Life Brown Rice Tortillas– These are my favorite gluten-free tortillas. They are fresh and don’t have any weird ingredients in them.

Gluten Free Oats– We are doing some experimenting with oats this month. I know we have gluten intolerances so I am checking to see if gluten-free oats are better for that.

Jovial Brown Rice Spaghetti– One of my favorite gluten-free pastas! These are great to have around for a quick meal.

Tinkyada Brown Rice Little Dreams Pasta– Some fun noodles for the kids! Who doesn’t love pasta in cute little shapes?!

Wintergreen Earthpaste– I have heard great things about this toothpaste so I am going to give it a try.

Bulk Mozzarella Cheese– This cheese tastes SO much better than the mozzarella you buy in the store. Just ask the kids. 😉

Bulk Raw White Cheddar Cheese– I personally try to stay away from a lot of dairy, but this raw cheese seems to be OK for me to eat. It has great flavor and you can’t ever find raw cheese for this low of a price in the store.

Hyland’s Calm’n Restful 4 Kids– Between these tablets and some essential oils, the kids seem to be sleeping better at night. It can be hard getting them to relax at bedtime on these cold winter days where they can’t be outside much, but this combo works well for them.

Organic Evaporated Cane Sugar– We use this sugar when we make our homemade water kefir.

Rumiano Unsalted Butter– I love butter! And this is some of the best. I refuse to buy butter in a store anymore and hold out for this butter to arrive in my Azure order! I usually order extra and freeze it so I don’t have any butter emergencies. 🙂

Vanilla Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops & English Toffee Sweet Leaf Stevia Drops– These drops are so good! I know stevia can have an “off” flavor, but these liquid drops don’t seem to have that (at least not to me). They are great in smoothies, baked goods, coffee, yogurt, etc.

So have you started ordering from Azure yet? What are some of your favorite things to order?

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