Spotlight on a New Favorite: The ABC’s for Godly Girls and Boys

Spotlight on a New Favorite the ABC's for Godly Girls and Boys

This week I am excited to share with you all another curriculum that has become a family favorite. It is so hard to find a Bible curriculum that meets all of your needs, mostly because different families need different things! But this one fits our family so well, and we are able to use it over and over again!

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The ABC’s for Godly Girls and Boys is a complete Bible curriculum that takes your children through the alphabet as they learn all about God. Lindsay, the creator of this curriculum has done such an excellent job of putting this all together, making it fun for the kids, and making it easy for the parents. The kids look forward to doing their Bible activities every day, and I love the lessons they are taking away (how can you not love a 5 year-old taking about how he can “edify” others?!).The ABCs for Godly Boys and Girls

Why do we love the ABC’s for Godly Girls and Boys?

-This curriculum can be used with children of multiple ages. The author suggests it can be used for children ages 4-10. We are currently using the girls curriculum with Aurora (8) and the boys curriculum with Moose (5).

-There are some great games, activities, and crafts that come with the curriculum. Each week there is an activity and a craft for the letter of the week. You also get a bingo game, a maze, flashcards of the lesson for the week, and copywork for the Bible verse.

-We can easy get the lessons done in a reasonable amount of time. The crafts and activities can all be done in about 20 minutes at the most.

-The combination of different types of activities each day is resulting in the kids retaining what they are learning. Hurray! There is such a sweet simplicity to this curriculum and I am so glad to have everything all put together for me.20140209-185441.jpg

How do we use the ABC’s for Godly Girls and Boys?

-Monday’s work includes reading the Bible memory verse and the lesson.

-Tuesday’s work is reading the Bible story for the week and reviewing the memory verse.

-Wednesday’s work is reading the extra Bible verses and reviewing the memory verse.

-Thursday’s work is the activity for the week and reviewing the memory verse.

-Friday is craft day! By this time the memory verse is pretty familiar to the kids. Even if they don’t have it perfectly memorized they usually understand the basic meaning of it.

-The mazes and bingo games are saved for afternoons and weekends. We don’t currently do the copywork since we have other things to practice handwriting and I don’t want to add too much writing into our day. 🙂

-Some weeks Aurora and Moose work together because their lessons are the same (like “D is for Disciple”). But Lindsay does a great job adding things that are different. When Moose was doing “B is for Bravery, Aurora was doing “B is for Beauty”. I love the combination of sometimes doing group work and sometimes doing individual work.20140209-185431.jpg

What materials are needed?

-Once you have purchased the curriculum, you can choose to either print off the lessons or use it on a device like an iPad. We have our books in iBooks on the iPad. That way we can click directly to the links posted for different songs and activities.

-There are some materials you will need for the crafts, but they are mostly materials that you would already have in your home.

-You need a Bible to read the Bible stories and verses. Sometimes with Moose I will read the story from a children’s Bible instead of reading it straight from the Bible since he seems to retain it better that way. Aurora does fine reading straight from the Bible.

-If you are going to use the flashcards and copywork you will need a printer.

Do you have a favorite Bible curriculum you use?

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