More Planning and Lots of Cuddles {Week in Review-2/14/14}

Week in Review More Planning and Lots of Cuddles

Happy Valentine’s Day! How are you celebrating? We had a fantastic opportunity to spend the morning with 23 other homeschooling families at an indoor field house. The kids had a great time running around and playing games with friends. And then there is me…the mom who always forgets the camera! Ugh! One of these days I will have more than a few pictures to share. But at the very least I think we will all sleep well tonight. 😉

This week I went full force into homeschool planning mode. I was finding my generic checklists of school subjects just weren’t working anymore. We were spending too much time having to go back and clarify which specific assignment needed to be done. So I spent some “free time” (ha, ha!) entering all of their lessons into the Homeschool Helper app. Now if we miss a day (like we did today) I can simply bump their assignments and have them ready for Monday. I typically email their assignments for the week to myself so I can print them off. I color code each day so they know exactly what needs to be done. And they can always work ahead if they feel like it (although, let’s be honest, that rarely happens). For me, it feels good to have everything planned out.


A Weekly Lesson List from Homeschool Helper that has seen a lot of wear and tear! 🙂

Last week I mentioned we were going to start using the Pathways Language Lessons Through Literature with the little boys. I am so glad we started this reading program! We are having a great time cuddling and reading some great books. I have found the best time to read with them is in the evening after dinner. It has been a very effective way to help them wind down from the activities of the day. They love the stories enough that they want them read multiple times. I love how they are getting exposure to great literature and even some poetry, science, and history. This new addition of our routine is providing great memories and some much-needed cuddle time with my little boys before they get too big to cuddle!


I just love this cuddle time and I will dearly miss it when it is gone!

Our KONOS studies continued with love this week. We read some Bible stories about love, acted out the Good Samaritan, learned about some famous humanitarians, and listened to some of our favorite love songs. We have had some great discussions about the type of love we receive from God as opposed to the type of love we receive from other people. We listened to the differences between hymns about God’s love and songs about being in love. For the final activity on this unit we are making a heart-shaped cake. Nothing like ending the week on a sweet note!


Our Vanilla heart cake with Chocolate Ganache frosting…yum!

Now I need some advice from you all if you have any to give. I have one child who is struggling with math. This child is not typical excited about school work anyway, but math seems to be the worst. How do you decide if it is the curriculum, or if it is just an attitude problem? I hate to spend money on a new curriculum just to find out that wasn’t the problem, but having something like Teaching Textbooks that would take me out of the math equation sounds pretty good right now! Any advice you have to give would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


Little Bear taking a much-needed nap while still standing up after dinner! He was up at 5:50 this day 😦

How was your week? We are anxiously awaiting some warmer weather around here. It finally got above freezing yesterday for the first time in several weeks, and it feels pretty warm! Can’t wait for the warm summer sunshine! I think we all need it. Have a great weekend!!








4 thoughts on “More Planning and Lots of Cuddles {Week in Review-2/14/14}

  1. We had a problem with math for years. I went through the same questions you are, and we are currently using Math U See and Teaching Textbooks. Both take me out of the equation, and it has really helped. I do sit & watch the MUS dvds since we are getting into a little bit more difficult stuff now, but for the first few levels I didn’t have to. I know they are understanding it and seem to like it better than anything else we’ve used. No more tears. I got the TT used at an excellent price, so that helped my original doubts. Good luck to you; I know how difficult it can be to find the “right” thing.

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement and suggestions, Tammi! I never thought about MathUSee…I will have to check it out. No tears is always a good sign when it comes to math! 🙂

  2. We use Math U See and love it. We are at the end of one of the books and they are having some difficulty, but I have looked at how they are learning it and showing it in several other ways (similar to what is being taught). I believe that they are getting it better, but still need some more practice in this one lesson before moving on.

    • Thank you for reminding me that it may just be a rough spot…which does seem to happen from time to time with any curriculum. I like your idea of showing the problems in different ways. That may just work for my son. Thank you!

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