Time to Organize and Unplug! {Week in Review: 2/21/14}

Week in Review 2/21/14

Does anyone else have a severe case of spring fever?! We had our first day of temperatures above freezing this week…and the sun was shining! It is taking some time to melt the enormous amount of snow on the ground, but it gave me hope that spring may come eventually after all!

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There is grass under there after all!!!

The “warm” temperatures really got me in the mood to organize. I am getting rid of boxes and boxes of stuff that has no reason to stay in our house. We are downsizing in a major way…clothes, toys, decorations, everything. I have found that the only way I can keep up with cleaning is to keep down the clutter. So I am officially on “mission organization”!


The “catch-all” closet before organization.

This week I am tackling the kitchen and the hallway closets. We have one closet in particular that has a tendency to be a place to shove things we don’t know where else to put.  That has now changed. I turned this closet into a place for the kids to keep their games and puzzles. When they were all stored in the basement, no one played with them unless I brought them up. But just this week the kids have spent hours playing the games that have been neglected for so long. Now they have something to occupy them until it gets warm outside.


The “catch-all” closet after organization…now it actually has a purpose!

Now to another problem I am resolving this week…too many emails and too much time online. I am so tired of spending the day out with the kids and coming home to find 200 emails and too many notifications from things like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. So I have spent all week unsubscribing to as many emails as I possibly can and only leaving those things I am truly interested in. I have spent less time on social media and changed notifications for them so I am not bombarded with emails. Now I already feel like I have found more time in my day to do other things…like getting rid of clutter! 😉


The kids enjoying some game time!

Last week I brought up a problem I was having with one of my kids and the subject of math. I am happy to say that things seem to be improving this week. We have gone back to doing some Khan Academy, which seems to help since it gives a more visual approach to learning new topics. I still have Teaching Textbooks in the back of my mind in case things go bad again. Sometimes I think it just takes a new week with a new perspective to make problems go away!


Working on their Bible lesson (with the ABC’s for Godly Girls & Boys) and drawing pictures of the promises of Heaven.

Since we finished our KONOS unit on “love” last week, we are going back to “attentiveness” and learning about the senses. We have done some great experiments and learned about some famous people (like Louis Braille, which Caspian just so happens to be writing about in All Things Fun and Fascinating this week also!). Aurora has a new favorite activity with KONOS . She turns every Bible story into a play. The girl was evidently born to be on stage! But I do think the plays help them remember the Bible stories in a way that just reading them never would.


The kids are finding out how the senses are connected to the brain.

Both Aurora and Caspian finished their first books with Language Lessons Through Literature . They are doing so well with this language arts curriculum and I am so pleased with all they are learning. In case you didn’t get a change to read it, I posted earlier this week about our experience with Language Lessons through Literature. If you like a Charlotte Mason approach to education, I highly recommend you check it out.

We have 2 reviews coming up next week…both Kinderbach and Science4Us.com. We have truly enjoyed both of them and plan to continue to use them even after the review is over. I have them scheduled to post on Monday (Kinderbach) and Wednesday (Science4Us). I would love to hear back what you think of them.

How was your week?


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  1. Nice job on your organizing efforts! Looks great. And super good job getting rid of those notifications! I can imagine that would be terribly annoying and overwhelming!

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