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Kinderbach Review

Our family loves music. It is a rare moment in our home that someone isn’t listening to or playing music. I think learning about music and rhythm is such an important skill for children. Young children seem to be especially perceptive when it comes to music, and KinderBach is a company that has tapped into this. If you are looking for a fun and creative way to introduce music and the piano to your young children, but don’t have the free time to put a curriculum together yourself, then The KinderBach Online Piano Lesson Membership with Teacher Corner may be a great option for you!20140220-155149.jpg

The KinderBach program is geared towards 3-7 year olds. You can purchase an online subscription for the year, but if you would like to try it before you buy it, they have a 2 week trial you can sign up to use. A yearly membership can be purchased for $95.88 for a limited time, which works out to only $7.99 per month…you could never pay for private music lessons at a price that low! The regular price is $130 per year. Each membership comes with access to the Teacher Corner, which makes teaching music easy for anyone to do. 20140220-155134.jpg As you can see from the picture above, the Teacher Corner gives you quick downloads to everything you need for each level. The lesson plan book goes through the specifics of what each lesson should include. The teacher aid book has many printable extra activities for each week, and most of them are in color! The teacher guide book is a great way to get an overview of what exactly your goals are in teaching with KinderBach and how to achieve them. The activity book is a download that includes all of the printable worksheets your child will need to that level. The goal book is full of cute pages to mark completion of a musical goal. Finally, the certificates are to be printed and handed out when a level is completed. There is so much here to help you!Kinderbach Review Each level comes with a collection of worksheets and activities to use with the lessons. These can be conveniently downloaded by the level so you don’t have to print off a worksheet every time you have a lesson. We print off the pages for the whole level and keep them in a binder for Moose to use when he needs them. He loves having his own “official” school binder! Some of these worksheets include songs to play or activities to do that include coloring, cutting, and pasting. There is a nice variety to these pages so that your child isn’t doing the same thing every day. I never have to ask Moose to get his music lessons done…he willingly asks to do them, and does several at a time!


Each lesson typically lasts only a few minutes, which is perfect for the short attention spans of small children. Sometimes your child will watch the teacher, sometimes they work along with the teacher, and sometimes she instructs them on what to do after the lesson is over. We are able to watch the videos on the iPad so Moose can take it to the piano for the lessons when he needs to play a song. He usually wants to do at least 2 lessons per day, if not more. He willingly does his piano lessons, and loves them!

Kinderbach Review Here is how a typical KinderBach lesson goes in our home. I gather any needed materials, whether that be worksheets, crayons, scissors, rhythm sticks, or the piano. Then Moose and I watch the lesson together on the iPad. He does any of his necessary activities, which sometimes are done while he is watching the lesson. Then he typically asks to watch it again (the boy loves repetition!). If he finds anything especially amusing, he takes the iPad around the house and shows everyone. 🙂 After he has completed all of his activities, he typically begs to do another lesson. I usually give in as long as we have time. 😉 Kinderbach Review So what are my final thoughts on KinderBach? I love it! I think this website not only has so much to offer, but it makes teaching music fun, for both the teacher and the student. It warms my heart to see Moose having so much fun learning rhythms and playing the piano. The approach KinderBach takes is such a gentle one that any student can easily learn about music. We love music so much and I am so grateful that KinderBach can help me share that in a fun and educational way with my children. You know a program is a hit when both the teacher and the student enjoy it! Kinderbach Review There is only one small change I would suggest to this website. That is the clarity of the videos. We actually found the iPad mini was the best place to view the lessons. The regular iPad was alright, but the computer screen was a bit fuzzy. Other than that, I can’t think of anything else that would be needed for this program. It is so thorough when it comes to both preparing the teacher to teach and preparing the student to learn.

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