Here Come the Peg People! {Week in Review-2/28/14}


This week we discovered a new toy to create and have lots of fun with. What is it? Well, you might have guessed by the title…peg people! This all started from a review I am doing for a Waldorf-type math curriculum for younger children. The name of this book is The Gnomes’ Gemstones.  The numbers are introduced to the kids in fun stories using math gnomes. So we did some painting, cutting, gluing, and creating. We are having a lot of fun with it so far!

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We couldn’t just leave this poor gnomes without names either! So Moose came up with some interesting names for them. Pictured below is Dexter Divide, Timmy Times, Matthew Minus, and Parker Plus. King Equals is in the picture at the top of the post. The kids have spent so much time playing with these guys! Who knew math gnomes could be so fun!


The gnomes have been right there helping with all of the school work this week, including Miquon lessons. Moose was working on lessons comparing addition equations with multiplication equations. He kept score to see which gnome won more problems. Timmy Times had a lot more than Parker Plus! Hey, whatever works…right?!


The kids begged and begged to create their own peg people. As much as I don’t enjoy having paint out in the house (especially when it isn’t washable) I gave in. They actually did a really good job, and didn’t make too much of a mess either. These peg people are getting more play time than I ever imagined. Now that we have removed probably 75% of their toys, I am finding the kids are much more creative. Now if the weather could only warm up so we could go outside too!



We have had a great time this week with an impromptu nature study sparked by two hawks that continually visit some trees in our back yard. I know it will probably be hard to see the hawk in the picture (it is right in the middle), but trust me, it is there. With Caspian’s wonderful binoculars we were all able to see these hawks up close and personal. We had some great conversations about beaks, feathers, and eating habits. I just love it when something so simple can spark the interests of the kids.


This is our last weekend of Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. Definitely bittersweet. I look forward to having our Saturdays back and not being at the church five days a week, but the kids really do enjoy it. It seems like a long time before it will be warm enough for sports like tennis. Until then we will keep ourselves busy with more decluttering projects. This week alone we have taken two car loads for donation and thrown away three bags of junk. It feels great reclaiming the house!

Next week we will continue to work on the basement (which it typically the place we put anything that doesn’t have a place to go or isn’t really needed) and the kids’ clothes. I have some goals in mind to get rid of a lot of clothes, but we will see if my emotional attachment to the memories gets in the way.;-)

I have a few reviews coming up next week. One is for Motivated Moms (much of the reason behind all of the organizing going on in our house), and the other is for an app called Talking Shapes. Stay tuned to see what we thought of them and how we used them.

Have a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Here Come the Peg People! {Week in Review-2/28/14}

    • Your kids did a great job! This was such a fun project and really reminded me that I need to do more crafts like these…the kids loved it!

  1. Love the little gnomes! They look like lots of fun.

    I’ve also found that more creativity happens when we clean out toys and stuff. It’s so easy to accumulate but so much work to get rid of all that stuff! We’ve been slowly cleaning things out as well.

    • It is a lot of work getting rid of it all! From here on out we are going to try to be much more intentional with what we bring into the house. Things are much happier around here without all of the stuff and I can pick the house a lot more quickly that I used to!

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