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Motivated Moms review

Do you struggle to keep your home in “company-ready” condition? I know I sure do! One of my biggest concerns is that someone will show up to my home in the middle of a school day and see what it really looks like…no photo editing or moving things for a picture. Well that is all changing this year. Much of this is thanks to a great new tool I am using called Motivated Moms. The Motivated Moms Ebooks are exactly what I needed. If you need a nudge in the right direction when it comes to organizing and cleaning, you may want to check it out too!

Although Motivated Moms has planners that are Ebooks they also offer an app. But for this review I was given my choice of one of the Ebooks. Each Ebook is $8 for a whole year’s worth of cleaning and organizing tasks already planned for you to use. You can choose from planners that have 1 day per page, 1 week per page, half-size pages, and you can even get a planner that has a yearly Bible reading plan included. I chose the planner with 1 week per page and the Bible reading included. You can see below what a typical weekly schedule looks like. The daily chores stay the same but the tasks for each day change.


Since our days can be unpredictable at times, I decided it would be best to have the ability to see the weekly schedule all at once so I could move things if necessary. Even though we are at the end of basketball and cheerleading season right now, Saturday is just not a day that I typically have a lot of extra time. This works out perfectly with Motivated Moms because the weekends are not heavily scheduled with jobs to complete. The point of Motivated Moms is to get the house cleaned in small and manageable chunks throughout the week. That way you don’t have to spend all weekend cleaning those things you didn’t take care of during the week. My schedule stays posted on the refrigerator (since it seems I am in the kitchen more than I am in any other room of the house). I also made up a little laundry schedule so I make sure all of our laundry gets done every week.


One of the biggest issues I have had to address in order to use Motivated Moms to the fullest is the clutter in my home. When we moved to our current home I didn’t keep up with decluttering. We moved from a house we had recently built and therefore we were trying to sell it as “like new”. With 4 small children ages 8 and under, it was pretty overwhelming keeping a house looking new. So once we sold I took a break from the obsessive cleaning and decluttering. Now, over 2 years later, things have gotten out of hand. We have done too much hiding things instead of sorting through them, getting rid of things, and putting things away in a place where we can actually find them. Motivated Moms has lit a spark in me when it comes to getting my home back in order.


Since I am dealing with an overwhelming amount of clutter right now, there are days that I have to focus on decluttering instead of cleaning. But the great thing about the Motivated Moms schedule is that I know the cleaning task will come back around on the schedule soon. So it works out just fine. I am working toward a goal of a “company-ready” home. As much as I would love to be able to snap my fingers and have that done, I know that is not realistic. Any steps I am taking toward that goal is an improvement from where I was. That is what I love about Motivated Moms. It is helping me achieve a goal I thought was unattainable a few months ago.


I am sure if you had enough time you could probably put your own cleaning schedule together. But I would rather be spending that time getting things done around the house. Besides, who remembers to put things on their cleaning schedule like cleaning off the washer and dryer, or checking the furnace filter, or wiping off light switches, or cleaning out the freezer? Motivated Moms has already done the work for you…and they remember all of those little things.

I do wish there was a way to edit the Motivated Moms list since I do have some things I need to do that aren’t on their list (like giving the dog her heartworm pill or returning library books). But even with the week’s schedule all on one page, I still have plenty of room to add things in if I need to do that. I typically write extra tasks on the bottom unless they need to be done on a specific day. I have also chosen to take one room each week and spend time decluttering an area (instead of getting overwhelmed with the whole house). So far, this is working out very well. We have donated about 3 car loads of things we don’t need and thrown quite a bit of stuff away too. A cleaner house it truly a more peaceful house.

So would I recommend Motivated Moms? Yes! It has been such a great tool for me and it keeps me from letting housework get to a point where it becomes overwhelming. Some days I get everything checked off the list, some days I don’t. But with the eBook, I know the task will come around again and next time I will make sure I get it done. They do also offer an app if you would rather have that type of planner, but for me I like the printable Ebook. I am so glad Motivated Moms has helped me take back my home!

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