Easter Fun for Christian Families from Egglo Entertainment {A Review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew}

Egglo review

How do you celebrate Easter in your home? We do our best to keep our Easter celebrating focused on the glorious Resurrection of our Savior. Because of this, we have never done much with Easter eggs since I always associated them with the Easter bunny. This year we are trying something new. A wonderful Christian company, Egglo Entertainment, has created some wonderful Christian products to allow our children to celebrate Easter in a fun way, without losing the true message of Easter.

Egglo Review

For this review I was given the following products, which retail for the price listed after each item:

*Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs ($11.99)

*The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure ($12.99)

*The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure (book audio download) ($2.99)

*Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls ($4.29)

*The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure Program Guide ($14.99).

Other products offered can be found on Egglo Entertainment’s shop page. Although this product is intended for ages 4-13, it can easily be adapted to other ages. My 3 year-old had a great time with this… we just had to adjust some things along the way.

If you plan to use this with just your family, you could  just use the Glow in the Dark Egglo Eggs and the The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure. You could use your own activities tied to the book and create different things to do with the eggs. One of our activities was a Scripture scramble. I cut up pieces of a Bible verse and hid them in the eggs. Then as the kids found the eggs they had to unscramble the words and put the verse together. They had a lot of fun doing this and have asked repeatedly to do it again!


I have yet to find a child that doesn’t become immediately excited when they find out something glows in the dark. There is no exception to that with these eggs. The kids patiently (or not so patiently) waited for the glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. Unfortunately, the day we chose to do this was a cloudy and dreary day, meaning no sun to charge the eggs. 😦 But I did find a good solution to this problem. I used an indoor plant light to charge the eggs. It worked perfectly! The kids were so happy we didn’t have to put the egg hunt off for another day! I am not sure how long these stay charged since we did the egg hunt almost immediately after they charged in a room that was very dark. I would probably suggest charging them pretty close to the time you plan to use them.

The kids also loved the Scripture scrolls from Egglo Entertainment. The company has created cute little mini scrolls that fit perfectly into the eggs. Each scroll has one Scripture verse (or Scripture summary) written on it. All of the Scriptures refer to Jesus being the Light. Part of our Easter egg hunt involved gathering together afterwards and reading though these Scriptures together. The little boys obviously needed help with this part, but it provided a great opportunity to discuss the true meaning of the different Bible passages.


The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure is a book that you and your children are going to love. The story takes you through an Easter egg hunt led by three children, Hardy, Anastasia, and Pascal, along with their dog, Zeke. Their hunt for glow-in-the-dark Easter eggs takes them all over the world as they discover the true meaning of Easter. Each egg they find is filled with a couple of Scripture scrolls that lead them to their next adventure. It was great having the audiobook to go along with the book so I could follow along with the kids as the story was read.


There are also many other products that can be purchased from Egglo Entertainment. If you decide you want to use these eggs in a more structured way or with a bigger group of people I highly recommend you purchase the Program Guide. This guide is filled with ideas of how to use the eggs. Some of these include snack ideas, craft ideas, activity ideas, discussion ideas, along with a full section of printables that include invitations, decorations, coloring pages, posters, and more!

Egglo Review

My kids have enjoyed every activity we have done with the Egglo products. It has really sparked their anticipation for Easter to come so we can do many more egg hunts! We have had some great discussions about both Easter and our daily lives as Christians, all sparked by these eggs. We talked about how Jesus is the light in a very dark world and how we can find Him when we search for Him…even in the midst of this darkness. We also discussed how we can be this light in the darkness for others. We can offer them a real-life example of the hope we have in Christ, and share with them how we can have hope.


But like these eggs, we need to be “charged by the light” so that we can glow with the light of Jesus. What did this mean to my kids? They needed to fill themselves with the light of Jesus by reading their Bibles, memorizing Scripture, praying, and sharing fellowship with other believers. These type of talks fill me with so much hope for the future! They are priceless, and I am so grateful for companies like Egglo that strive to create those opportunities for us to have with children. My kids are happy too since now they can can have more Easter egg hunts. I am happy because I know I am not sacrificing fun or the Truth.

Would I recommend Egglo products? Yes I would! I think they make such a fun way of sharing the Gospel is a manner that is fun for the kids. These would be perfect for a church party, or even a family gathering for Easter. I love products that can be used creatively in different ways, and these fit that bill. If you are looking for a fun and new way to help celebrate Easter, check out Egglo Entertainment‘s website and see if it just may be something to purchase for your family.

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