Hands-On Math Fun with “The Gnomes’ Gemstones” {a review}

The Gnomes' Gemstones {a review}

Do your kids think math is fun? There are so many kids that struggle with math because they just don’t find it fun. Some kids find it hard to understand math concepts because they have never had a firm grasp on the basics. If you want your kids to enjoy math as they work to understand each number and what exactly it means, then let me show you a perfect new resource for you. Jennifer Compton has written a wonderful math program for early learners from Kindergarten to Third grade based on Waldorf math concepts called The Gnomes’ Gemstones.


This book includes twelve lessons to teach your child a deep understanding of the first twelve numbers. Each lesson covers one number in-depth. These lessons can be used for your chosen length of time, but the author suggests completing about 2 lessons per week. This gives your child several days to comprehend any new concepts and allows you time to complete all of the activities.


The Gnomes’ Gemstones does a fantastic job reaching learners of all types. Throughout the book there is a fun story about the math gnomes and their travels as they explore numbers and go on adventures. My 5 year-old loved the stories and I never had trouble keeping his attention. Each lesson’s story is tied to the previous lesson and introduces your child to the new number for that lesson. For example, in lesson 3, the math gnomes meet a family including a mother, father, and child (three people).


Hands-on learners will enjoy all of the activities that go with the lessons. From creating math gnomes to making number cards to creating a treasure chest, there are so many wonderful and meaningful activities to solidify the number concepts your child is learning. I have never seen another math program do such a great job at tying together math concepts with fun and artistic projects. There is nothing better than making memories and learning at the same time! 

Here is a little glimpse into what a typical lesson includes. Each lesson starts with a story that includes the math gnomes and their adventures. Then there is a page of “teacher notes”. Here you will find ways to discuss the number from the lesson. During the course of this book, you child creates a number book. The teacher notes tell you what to do with that book while working on the current lesson. There is a number verse to help your child remember how to draw the number they are learning. The art activity for the lesson is listed (there are wonderful instructions in the back of the book on exactly how to complete the art activity if you need help). Each lesson also includes a creative way to teach your child how to form the number they are learning.


Some of the lessons offer other great activities including games, cooking, science, sensory games, songs, music, and other extras. There is no lack of activities when it comes to The Gnomes’ Gemstones! By the end of the lesson you child will have listen to, written, and explored the number they are learning in so many different ways that it is sure to stick in their memories. There is such a wonderful math foundation that is created through all of the activities in this book.


We have had such a good time reviewing this book! My 5 year-old, Moose, is absolutely loving his math right now. The math gnomes are some of the kids’ favorite toys these days. I know Moose now recognizes all of the different math symbols now because of the gnomes. He has also learned how to write and spell all of his number words thanks to the Gnomes’ Gemstones. We have some beautiful keepsakes from our lessons, including the number cards (which just happen to be my personal favorite!).


The Gnomes’ Gemstones is a great resource if you want to have fun with math but don’t have the time to put a bunch of activities together (or write a cute math story of your own!). This book is open-and-go! All you have to do is gather some art supplies for the activities, and the rest of the work is done for you! There are sample pictures of all of the art projects so you know exactly what you need to do, which is great for a person like me who is artistically challenged. 😉

If you have any children in the Kindergarten through Grade Three age range, I highly recommend you check out the Gnomes’ Gemstones!

Are you interested in purchasing the Gnomes’ Gemstones? Jennifer has both a download and a printed book available for purchase. The download is only $6.00, or if you prefer a printed book, that can be purchased for $25.00.

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