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Science can be difficult to teach. Sometimes kids just aren’t interested in what you are trying to teach them. But I think I may have a solution to that problem. What if science experiments were done first to spark the interest of your students? What if there were videos of exactly how to do these experiments before you tried them yourself? You are in luck, because this type of program already exists! A great company called Supercharged Science has an internet-based program that you will absolutely love. The e-Science Premium Membership includes experiment videos, instructions, activities, exercises, tele-classes, and so much more!

The e-Science program can be used with all students from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The monthly membership can be purchased for $37/month for grades K-8, or $57/month for grades K-12. For this review we received the K-12 package. You must provide any needed materials for experiments. This website includes so many different topics and experiments that your children are sure to learn so much! These topics include everything from motion and matter to life science and chemistry. There are twenty different units and also some other subjects like mathemagic, teaching resources, and science fair projects. 

Supercharged eScience ReviewThe Supercharged Science website may look overwhelming at first…there is SO much there! But Aurora Lipper, the creator of Supercharged Science has made it easy for you. She put together some videos and a few experiments to get you started. You can see a tab on the screenshot below that says “Getting Started”. You just click on that and she literally walks you through the whole website. Trust me, I was overwhelmed at first, but after she instructed me on exactly what to do, it was easy-peasy!Supercharged eScience ReviewThe e-Science website is organized in a few different ways. You can search for materials by topic or by grade level. It was originally put together by topic, but several people requested another way so they could have an idea of what to use for each grade level. You can use either method. Each unit begins with an introductory lesson that includes a video explaining what you will be learning. There is also a shopping list for each unit so you know exactly what materials you will need to complete the experiments. Keep in mind that the goal is not necessarily to do all of the experiments…there are so many to choose from that you can pick a few you really want to do and go from there.When you find a topic that is especially interesting to you child, you can do some of the other activities.


In addition to the experiments and videos (which we were able to watch on the laptop, iPad, and Google book), there are also extra readings and  exercises to check your child’s understanding. The answers are included too, so don’t think you have to know all of the answers.;-) Everything can be downloaded and printed off if you prefer to use materials that way.

My mini scientists have absolutely loved this e-Science membership! We have done more experiments in the last several weeks than we have for probably the entire previous year (I know, sad!). There are so many things I love about this program. When both the parents and the kids love a program, you know you have a winner!



Like I said, I was overwhelmed with this site at first. But after going through the “Getting Started” videos, I was completely comfortable with how it worked. Although we chose most of our materials by topic, I did take a look at the grade level section from time to time. It helped give me a better idea of which topics would work best for the grade levels I was teaching. The great thing about these experiments is that everyone, regardless of grade level, can participate. The experiments are explained in terms that everyone can understand. They are spoken in a way that they assume you don’t have much prior knowledge of the topic.

One of the things I love best about this program are the videos. I am always leery of doing experiments because I am never sure if I am doing them the right way. With the experiment videos you don’t have to wonder. You get to see the experiment done right before you! Then you just follow along at home and do the experiment exactly like they show you. If you can’t get the experiment to work, you can check out the comment section of the experiment. Odds are pretty good other people may have similar issues and Aurora is great at answering them. If your answer isn’t there, just leave your own comment and she is very quick to answer and help out however she can.



The other reason I love the videos is because they open up so many possibilities for my kids. Sometimes it may not be feasible for us to do an experiment that is shown on the e-Science website, but that doesn’t have to stop them from watching it anyway. During their free-time I let the kids loose on the website and let them explore topics that interest them, even if it is above their level. Many times we have found our next topic or experiment this way too! It is so much easier to get kids to pay attention when they are really interested in the topic.





Would I recommend the e-Science program to others? Yes, yes, yes! I have never seen another program that does such a great job of sparking the interest of your child when it comes to science. I think a large part of this is because you start with experiments instead of finishing with them. That way you already have tapped into the interest of your child. Their ability to learn when it involves something they are interested in is so much greater than forcing them to learn something they really don’t care about. We have had, and are continuing to have, a great time with e-Science! 




Want to try this program and see what you think of it? The creators of Supercharged Science are offering a Free Copy of the Science Activity Video Series and Guidebook. Aurora has also included a few extra bonuses for you! Here is a link to another set of free Science Activities. You can also gain access to the whole website for only $1 (this is good for one month of access)! She is so good about making her materials accessible so everyone can see for themselves how wonderful Supercharged Science really is!

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  1. An excellent review, Erin! Looks like you did 1 or 2 of the same experiments we did. I agree about the videos. It was great to let my son watch what we were going to do before we did it. And to learn the extra tidbits of knowledge.

    • Thanks, Lisa! I am having a great time going around to everyone’s reviews to see what experiments they did. There are so many on Supercharged Science that I am not finding too many repeats, but I am finding some great ideas of what experiments to do next.:-)

  2. My son is enjoying supercharged science, too. I’ll have to look for the fire experiments you shared.

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