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CTC Math

Not too long ago I brought up the fact that my son was beginning to really struggle with math. I am happy to report that is no longer an issue! This is all thanks to a wonderful online math tutoring program called CTC Math. Our family was blessed to receive the 12 Month Family Plan for review, which is currently on sale for $118.80. There are also options to buy monthly or every six months, and there is also a free trial you can use. CTC Math provides math instruction from Kindergarten all the way up to grade 12

CTC Math Review
This program originated in Australia, but is gaining huge popularity in the United States…and for good reason! I have never seen such a complete program that works with so many different types of learners and is so user-friendly. The math levels that are covered include grades Kindergarten through 6th, Basic Math & Pre-Algebra, Elementary Measurement, Elementary Geometry, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Algebra II, Geometry, and Trigonometry. Currently, grades K-6 can be used as a full curriculum, and they are working on adding more to the upper levels so they can be used as a full curriculum too. There are also sections to work on Speed Skills and Times Tables.


Each instructional lesson starts with a video. The videos in the younger grades are shorter (usually around 3 minutes or so) and get a bit longer as the grade level increases. Your child can see exactly what the instructor is doing as he works through the explanation and sample problems. You can also download a summary of the lesson if you prefer to view it that way.


After the instructional video, your child is ready to do some practice problems. The number of questions does vary with each lesson but there are usually about ten. Up until the upper grade levels, the questions are completed on the computer. For problems that involve things like carrying, numbers can be crossed off and other numbers can be moved in. So everything is interactive.

The questions can be attempted as many times as you want. For the younger grades, the final score is taken from the average of the last 3 attempts at the questions. The first and second attempts of the questions are weighted more heavily in the upper grades to try to encourage the students to not rush through thinking they will just have another chance. Once completed, your child is awarded a certificate based on how well they scored.


As the parent, you are kept informed of how your students are doing. You receive emails each time one of your students earns a certificate. There is also a weekly report you receive for each child. You can log in the Parents’ Area of the CTC math website and see exactly what each of your students has done. You can get the detailed reports and see which lessons they have attempted, along with the score they received.


If you are worried about placement, you don’t need to be. You are given access to all grade levels with CTC math. This way if you find an issue in your child’s current grade level you can go back to the previous grade and see if you can remedy the problem. Or, you can move ahead if you find a section that is too easy. Each section has what is called a “Standard Test” and a “Comprehensive Test”. They are very similar except for the fact that the “Comprehensive Test” has more questions. We used these tests to help with proper grade level placement. They are also a great tool to use at the end of the group of lessons to make sure your child really knows the material.

Although the CTC program was originally intended to be a tutoring type of program, we are using it as our full-time math for 4th grade, 2nd grade, and Kindergarten. We have to use CTC math on several different devices since all of the kids love doing their math. On any given day, one child is using the laptop, another is using a Google Chrome book, and someone else is using the iPad. CTC math works on all of these devices, although there is no access to the Tests on the iPad. The video quality has been excellent on all of the devices, and the kids are really starting to enjoy the instructor’s Australian accent.;-)

CTC math has been such a good thing for my perfectionist child. He is so happy that he can keep working until he gets 100% because he will settle for nothing less. The kids have “friendly” competitions to see who can get the best score on Speed Skills and to see who can get the best score on their lesson during their first try. I have heard no complaints from them, nor have I heard any requests to go back to a different math program. From the moment we gained access to this website, we have used it as our full-time math.


As a busy homeschooling mom, I am so grateful for CTC math. I love math, but I don’t always know how to explain things in the best way when my kids don’t understand it the first time. CTC math pretty much takes me out of the math equation. The kids still occasionally get stuck on something here and there, but it usually just takes me a few minutes to get them set straight and they are back their lesson.


The only minor issue I am having is with Moose. His reading level is not quite where it needs to be in order for him to do his lesson on his own. But, since he wants to be just like the big kids, he tries it anyway.:-) I would never really expect a program like this to be completely independent for a 5-year-old child, so it really isn’t a big deal…I just thought I would mention it in case any of you with younger children were curious.

Would I recommend CTC math? Absolutely! This is one Crew review I guarantee we will be using for a long time, even after our review membership is up. There is no way I could find another math program that is so thorough and affordable that gives me access to use with all of my children. My family was truly blessed to review such a magnificent product. If you have any issues with math in your home (whether you homeschool or not), I highly recommend you check out CTC math!

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