Scripture Memory System

     During the last year we have incorporated several different memory work selections into our daily school routine. One of those is the Simply Charlotte Mason Scripture Memory System. After reading this article from Memoria Press we decided to use the KJV Bible as our Bible of choice for memory work. Here is the picture of our Scripture Memory Box.

   The complete instructions are on the SCM website link above, but here is the general idea of how it works. You start with a Bible verse. That verse goes behind the daily tab.

 After you have it memorized you move it to the odd tab and recite it on odd numbered days.

      You can then add a new daily verse. When you memorize the 2nd verse you move it to the even tab and recite it on even numbered days. After you memorize the 3rd verse, you move the 1st verse behind a day of the week tab.

     You keep going until you have a verse behind each day of the week. Once those are full you start placing verses behind the number tabs and recite them on that day of the month.

    The verses you memorize first are moved back first so the newer verses can be recited more frequently. This system has worked very well in our house, and we only started it about a month ago. My children already have several short verses memorized, and also know the Beatitudes! I am very impressed with how well this constant review works. When we start My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures we will add those verses into this system as well. To assemble our Scripture Memory Box I printed off the pages from the SCM website, laminated them, cut them out, and put them in an index card box- so simple! I hope our children are able to remember their verses for a lifetime using this tool. I highly recommend this if you are interested in memorizing more scripture in your home!


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