Seeking Christmas {a Bookcrash review}

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Every year I look for some new ways to add fun and meaningful traditions to our family celebrations. This year, I found this neat little book called Seeking Christmas that we are going to use. Not only does this book come with many ideas and activities, but there are also extra resources for a journal and ornaments here. Also, 10% of the book sales are donated to various organizations that assist orphans…what a great way to help others this time of year!

Seeking Christmas is filled with 7 days of material. Each day is divided into 5 sections: Remember, Read, Reflect, Rejoice, and Research. There are descriptive instructions in the beginning of the book that really help explain the book and show you exactly how to make it work for your family. Each section is labeled as to which age group it is appropriate for. The reflect section is filled with questions for discussion. These questions are broken into different age levels. The author, Renee Robinson, has done such a wonderful job making this a usable and enjoyable study that will help you set up some memorable holiday moments.

Even though we went through this study for the review I plan on doing it again more thoroughly the week before Christmas. There are just too many good things in this that I don’t want to miss! I look forward to creating some beautiful ornaments for our Christmas tree, starting a Seeking Christmas journal that will be continued year after year, and drawing closer together as a family as we spend time reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas!Blog disclosure