Our Reading Incentive Program

     This past week was the last week of the summer reading program at our library. This kids were very sad to no longer receive the prizes for reading (cheap and cheesy as they were), so I decided it was time to create a program of our own! Sometimes the kids need a little motivation to get their daily reading done, and I am hoping this does the trick!
     Here is how the program works. For Caspian and Aurora, they each have to read 2 books to earn a prize. It must be an approved book by me (just to make sure it is long enough!) but they do get to chose the book. They have to tell me about the book they read. If I am questioning whether or not they actually read the book, I will have them take a test on Book Adventure. Then they are able to chose a prize. Moose has to complete 10 reading lessons in AlphaPhonics to earn a prize, which he will do very willingly. I bought out the dollar store today with prizes to fill our “prize box”. I figure we get them these type of little gifts on occasion anyway, so why not make them earn the gifts! You can tell by the picture what the popular themes are in our house: Cars, Princesses, and Mickey Mouse. There are also some puzzles, bubbles, stickers, coloring books, and other fun things!

     My goal is to really get into the habit of reading, and enjoy it too! My memory of school reading is not one of enjoyment. This was the first official day of our program and look what I found on the couch…

     Since the kids were so excited to start I let them chose shorter books so they could earn a quick prize. Moose only had 3 reading lessons left to do until he reached 10, so they all earned a prize in one day! I didn’t see them for a good chunk of the afternoon, but they were finally willingly reading- even on a weekend! I would call it a successful day, but if they keep reading at this rate I may have to up the book count to earn a prize:)